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Live Bait: Trinity Bay - Smith Point - North Galveston Bay - Houston Area

Just minutes from the major boat launches into North Trinity Bay. Fill your live wells with our quality saltwater baits including the best live shrimp on the Texas coast. Our live bait holding system was not designed to just keep bait alive. Super-saturated oxygen levels rejuvenate the shrimp boosting their metabolism and adding a second meaning to popcorn shrimp. Water quality and oxygen level is the key to having healthy long lasting live bait. Our Unique high oxygen bait holding systems produce larger stringers with a better quality live bait.

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live Bait Mullets, croaker, mud minnows, bait systems

Very large live bait tanks to hold large quantities of fresh live shrimp.

We have the following Live baits available

  • Mud Minnows
  • croakers
  • finger mullets
  • piggy perch
  • shiners
  • live baitfish
  • worms and more...

    Secrets to Keeping Live Bait Alive

  • Buy Live Bait Croaker, finger mullet and mud minnows AKA(killifish, cocahoe minnows)

    We have a light supply of fishing tackle in case you forget some tackle.

  • Hooks
  • weights
  • Leaders
  • Corks/bobbers
  • + More fishing gear...

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    at the Lazy Pelican Live Bait Camp.

    Shrimp, Baitfish, Croakers and More...

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